Be Healthy with Leafy Greens

I have had the chance to spend ten days again in South Africa couple of weeks ago, in Johannesburg, with one of my favorite human on this planet, Antonia Hoddinot (De Luca).

She was kind enough to offer me a range of different products that I could test back home, and the least I can say is, be ready because I will present you everything !!!!

What is Leafy Greens ?

A neighbour of the renowned Casalinga Restaurant, Leafy Greens Café is not only changing the way people enjoy food, but also providing them with a holistic plant-based culinary experience.

Drawing inspiration and flavours from the organic produce, the farm-to-table dishes provide an opportunity to eat mouth-watering meals while being fully conscious of where the food is coming from. This is wholesome food for the body and soul, served in the comforting atmosphere of a rustic cafe.

The menu offers a wide selection of handcrafted breakfast and lunch options, or opt for the spectacular buffet from 11am. The shop stocks a range of vegan health, beauty and food products so people can enjoy the Leafy Greens experience at home, too. Leafy Greens enjoys the unique advantage of being located on the same farm that grows the delicious produce they use in the kitchen. Zero food miles, and loads of natural goodness.

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Gem superfood butter

When you combine 3 amazing ingredients such as vanilla, cinnamon and maca magic happens. I usually take it before teaching one of my yoga class, because it gives me strength and boost my system. My sisters is actually taking it in her preparation for the national swimming championships, she is only 13 and I am very happy that she can use organic and natural products to help her gaining some power for competitions.

Cinnamon Vanilla Pecans

Sweet and spicy. If there are two ingredients that go together like salt and pepper, it’s vanilla and cinnamon. I think, this is my dad's favorite snack, and I have had to ask him not to finish the pack before I could take some pictures for the blog ! Ha ha ! He really likes it, especially after dinner, you know this time when you are usually craving for some sweet treat. He has chosen a healthy one :)

Chili Garlic Parmesan

This is my absolute best, and I think since I came back, I literally spread it on all my plates :)

Garlic as a immune booster and for its incredible earthy taste. Chilies for a healthy zing and rock salt containing 84 trace elements important for organ function.

Superfood protein shake

They are absolutely delicious, and I use them in the morning before leaving home to teach Yoga. As I start quite early, and I don't really enjoy eating breakfast before practicing, those shakes are perfect for me, to drink in the car or in the train, and they are free from any chemical... Yes, you don't want to put anything toxic in your body :)

Banana Bread Walnuts

Great snack for a rainy day movies in bed or after a stressful day at work. Ideal to keep in your bag as back up for those hours in traffic. Banana has high levels of tryptophan that is converted into serotonin, vitamin B6 that strengthens the nervous system. Vanilla is a great source of calcium, manganese, potassium and magnesium which regulates the nervous system and optimizes neurotransmitter function for optimal serotonin and dopamine production

Kale Crackers

Love crisps? Our crisps are slightly green and packed with wholesome goodness. Organic grown kale from our garden is a great source of vitamin K which is critical for blood clotting. Those Kale crackers are a good compromise to regular chips. Let's say it's a guilt-free and healthy snack

Moringa Powder

There is so much to say about this superfood. Immune stimulant, natural detoxifier, high in iron, helps balance cholesterol levels, boosts energy levels in a natural manner and stimulates metabolism and cell structure of the body. It contains all essential amino acid which are the building blocks of protein-needed to grow, repair and maintain cells.

I usually spread a tea spoon over my salad, or my soup. It doesn't change the taste of your dish at all !

Onion Bread

Onions contain phytochemicals and vitamin C that help improve immunity. Sunflower seeds are a great source of fatty acids and fiber. Delicious savory snack.

Leafy Greens Recipe Book

I absolutely adore it. It is full of color, you can actually see the quality of all the products, and usually you can't wait to reproduce the same delicious dishes.

I really like this book, because it brings me back to Leafy Greens, and to my best breakfasts in the entire world, with my tasty smoothies... etc. Even talking about it, makes me hungry !!!

And last but not the least, my favorite product in this whole selection is the Olive and Bee body Butter. I use it everyday after my shower, and first of all it smells so good, and then it is the most efficient moisturizer I've ever tried. It is not too greasy, it goes perfectly into your skin, making it soft and delicate.

Leafy Greens also has a superb range of organic and home made juices. They are actually used a lot for detox, cleansing, fasting etc...

A big Thank you to Antonia and Leafy Greens for treating me like a princess, and spoiling me with all those amazing products. For those of you who don't have the chance to live in Johannesburg, you are lucky because you can shop and order online on the website directly.

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