Let the music play on, with SUDIO

Just before leaving France to go to South Africa, I have received the latest wireless earphones, as a gift from the brand Sudio.

I could choose amongst a great variety of colors from the VASA BLÅ - WIRELESS FREEDOM collection, and my choice went to the Rose Gold. You can find all of them on the website by clicking HERE.

So how does it work?

Those wireless earphones, are working with a Bluetooth connection and are sold with 4 different ear adaptors to perfectly fit.

The use is so simple, you just have to pair up your phone or even your laptop to the earphones via bluetooth and that's it !!! Enjoy the music ...

The quality is very good, I must admit. It is really a good competitor for Bose, Beats and other famous brands.

What about the price? You will tell me that most of those new gadget represent a big budget

You want some more good news? The price for those beauties is 90 euros. Which is quite crazy when you think about it, because Apple is selling its wireless model for 179 euros, it's like double the price !!

And you know what? Even better, you can have a discount if you enter the code "FITINAPLANE", it'll give you 15% off on the entire website !!!

I have used my Sudio wireless earphones during my whole trip to Johannesburg, which is more than 12h travel. The battery lasted until the end, and it was so convenient not to be bothered by the wire (especially when you carry your bagages).

I also use it for my Yoga practice, and I must say they are great, because they don't move a inch from my ears even if I'm in downward dog , or in a twist !

So, hurry up, Christmas is at the corner, use my promo code and make somebody happy :)

I LOVE THEM !! Thanks Sudio for this amazing gift

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