Cosmic Yoga morning in South Africa

And here I am, back to Johannesburg for ten days !!!

We have organized yesterday a very nice event with Roberto De Luca (please check his page here). It was a different experience as we had a small group of people. We could really share all together, answer questions, go deeper into the practice, adjust properly our lovely guests....

Roberto showed some amazing professional skills despite of his recent injury, and people were very impressed. We started this event at 8am , with a short meditation and few Pranayama exercises (breathing techniques), followed by a two hours Hatha Yoga practice.

Our guests could then enjoy a delicious smoothy from Leafy Greens under the sun, before heading back to the philosophy session.

It was actually more a conversation than a conference, because we were completely interacting with each other. Roberto gave a wonderful speech about impermanence of things in life, energies and his understanding of spirituality. It was simple, profund, and inspiring.

Then, I ended up the workshop by leading a short meditation class followed by a Yoga nidra, It was amazing for me to finish with those two practices, because I absolutely love helping people through some simple guided steps which can make them feel better (simple and deep relaxation of the body and mind).

I really enjoyed this Cosmic Yoga Morning, but I must admit that I have really struggled with my English. It has been four months that I am mainly teaching in French, and I was kind of frustrated not to be able to really describe and explain everything I wanted to share. People who attended this class were so nice, and very keen to learn more about our passion. I can't use all the photos because some of them are so blurry ... shame !

South Africa is always calling me back somehow....

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