Yoga ,what else ?

I’ve received few messages asking me, if yoga was my only practice to stay in good shape. Well, I would say it is my main one, but I like to add different workout as well, not to be too focus on one thing. I tend to get bored very easily, and being bored of yoga is the last thing I want :)

So for this post, I’ll explain you a bit my weekly routine... Well first of all, I don’t have a fixed one, I like to improvise and let the flow carry me.


I do yoga every day, at least for an hour, with one day off per week. I usually start my self-practice with some pranayama and kriyas, which means breathing and cleansing exercises. I’ll post something later to explain you in detail, what I’m doing exactly and what are the benefits of such practices.

Following this session, I’m focusing on my asanas. Depending on the day, I might vary between a strong class or a softer one (Yin).

I always finish my practice with a deep relaxation, called savasana, which usually last more than 20 minutes for me. Then, few more breathing exercises and ending with some meditation (I’ve already published a post about meditation techniques HERE, check it out!)


My sister is a “professional” swimmer since she is 4 or 5 years old. I’m always supporting her on each competition, and she has recently asked me if I wanted to try by coming to her training sessions in the evening.

It has been a great challenge for me I must admit. To start, I’m absolutely unable to follow her, she is so strong and fast oh my god!

Swimming requires a lot of cardio and power, and it is very tough for me to breath in rhythm properly.

However, I feel some kind of progress since I’ve started. My movements are a bit faster, and my consistency noticeable haha !

I’m trying to go to the pool with her at least once a week, however with this winter weather, I am sometimes super reluctant to jump into the water and go out with my wet hair !!!


A friend of mine has recently started to coach me, and the least I can say is that he is literally killing me. I’ve never been a real performer in the cardio field, and those high intensity trainings are so difficult. Actually, I would even claim that they are tough both physically and mentally. Most of the time, I finish the session crying. It is so liberating… Pushing my limits, getting rid of those strong energies sometimes stuck in my body and in my mind. This practice has been an eye opener, and I am very grateful to Fred, who is helping me to transcend my performance every week!!

So as you can see it’s nothing very fancy. I’m trying my best to stay in good shape, but at the end of the day I’m human, and I like crappy food, sometimes I’m lazy and I don’t always want to push myself and suffer. Everything is a matter of motivation, and thanks to the constant support around me, and a good discipline I kind of manage to stay “healthy”.

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