First steps to meditation

Who said meditation is only meant for yogis ?

It's a difficult exercise for sure, and it requires discipline, but anybody has access to it.

Don't be too demanding to yourself. Take your time, and most of all be proud of what you accomplish everyday.

Of course, you won't levitate after the first practices (actually, if you have the secret to levitate please share it, I think could be fun :-D ), but you definitely will feel better after few sessions. First of all, because you are taking space and time for yourself, not for anybody else. And second of all because you are releasing your mind (and indirectly your body) from tensions, blocages, stress..

Results on a personal level, are clearly and rapidly noticeable. You will train your mind not to analyze too much, or at least instead of going into the process of deeply thinking , you will OBSERVE your thoughts, as a simple witness.

To change a bit, I've made a tutorial for the first steps of meditation. It's only 10 minutes, and if you manage to take those ten minutes for you as much as you can, you will feel happier, different, and free for sure !!!

Please don't hesitate to share your practice, your way of meditating, your own path with me, it's always such a pleasure to read YOUR stories too

Sending you lots of love xx


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