The roots

Here I am, back in France (again) , and this time I'll stay for a bit longer than usual. What's my next step? Well, I have few plans which I will share very soon with you, but mainly it concerns yoga events and classes with YUJ, one of the brands I'm working for.

I wanted to share with you some photos that I did few weeks ago, while I was staying in Casablana, at Om Yoga studio.

I'll be back there next March for another teacher training, quite different this time : AERIAL YOGA. I'm very excited, as it's definitely something which reminds me of the time when I was practicing Rhythmic Gymnastics. I can feel the same fluidity, the same flow, the same movements... And Ohhhh let me tell you, it feels great. So I'm really looking forward to do this Teacher Training.

Nothing much to say today... I hope you're having a nice week. Thanks again for your support, your messages, your comments, they mean a lot to me, and I am really motivated to continue to share as much as I can with you on the Blog, and social medias.

Sending you lots of love xx

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