How to create a good yoga playlist ?

Yoga is definitely a practice which has the capacity to change your mood, your emotions, so does music. By combining both of them, you might be able to reach a certain state of fullness.

When you talk about making a yoga playlist, people are immediately thinking of "sanskrit songs".

This is absolutely cliché! If you want to break a sweat on Beyonce, feel free to do it :)

But making a good playlist can be a tough task, as you don't want people to feel sleepy with calm music, or too disturbed if you are using dynamic ones.

Let's try to get some good tips to create the perfect playlist for your Yoga class.

Pick a theme

Depending on which yoga class you will teach, you will have to choose a certain selection of songs. For a yin, you will opt for very soothing themes, not big bass rhythm is allowed ! Ha ha ! People need to feel they can navigate through the melody and lighten their minds. On the other hand, if your goal is to make your students sweat (Hatha, Power Yoga, Vinyasa...etc), then play with funky and groovy beats.

Use music that goes with your flow.

We are usually starting a sequence, with some short meditation and breathing exercises. So in that case, would be very awkward to play some heavy rock! Prefer some smooth and peaceful music. And then, move on to your more dynamic part, which perfectly fit with your flow . Some online platforms are offering "ready to play" songs which will enhance your class, and even inspire people.

Prefer instrumental songs.

Avoid as much as you can music that people listen on the radio. They could easily associate them with an emotion, or a past feelings. This is the exact opposite of what you are trying to create in your class. You want them to feel some detachment, some freedom from their mind, and most importantly, you want to focus on the present moment (not on something that they can relate to from their past). Consequently, if there is a particular famous song that you want to use, try to find the instrumental version of it.

Sometimes, silence is the king

You don't need to use music all the time. Silence can be magical too, and the only sound of your voice can help student to transcend themselves.

Practicing is silence, listening to your own breath, your own heart beat, observing your movements instead of focusing on a song, could also be a very powerful alternative.

No matter what kind of music you like. You are the guide, and if people feel that you are transporting them with or without songs, then you win! To be sure you are having a good playlist on your phone or laptop, there is only one solution:

Get on your mat and try it yourself !

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