Marrakech / Bye Morocco

Hello beautiful beings.

Due to sad familial reasons I have to shorten my stay here in Morocco, and will back to Paris tomorrow. In order to keep my monkey mind busy, and not being overwhelmed by the circumstances, I have decided to go to Marrakech for two days.

Being away from the work bubble, and being able to reconnect with myself before facing some unpleasant situation when I'm heading home, was I think a great decision.

I took the train from Casablanca for a long 3h30 trip, and after meeting my childhood friend, I managed to find a very cheap Ryad to stay for the night (with breakfast included).

Re discovering this crowded city, eating crappy food, chatting with my friend, those simple things reminded me how we tend to forget to focus on what we actually have at the present moment. Majority of us are constantly thinking about past decisions or situation, and are trying to figure out what will happen in the near future.

This sudden and tragic news made me realize that I need to place my attention more on what I live on a daily basis, all the beautiful and simple things in front of my eyes, instead of trying to control everything. First of all, because it is exhausting, and second of all because if I do so, I will miss so many amazing things happening RIGHT NOW.

Those two months here, working in Morocco, have been a great experience. Very tough emotionally, however I feel I've grown up so much from it. Teaching yoga and meditation here have been my favorite part. I've met some amazing people, who clearly have become my friends (Hannah & Marsha). I'm leaving with a clear mind, a light heart and many ideas. Those two last days, have been a real challenge, but I am so grateful to be surrounded by my stunning friends back home and abroad, and above all by my wonderful family.

Tell people that you love them, if this is what you feel. Wake up, open your eyes and see how interesting the world could be. Stop thinking about what people might think of you. Live for real !

Because life is too short, and anything could happen. Let's enjoy for those who don't have this chance anymore...

love xx


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