Road trip & Festival

Time to escape Casablanca one more time, and enjoy sunny Morocco a bit more before leaving in 10 days. Time flies so fast, this is ridiculous !

So, this weekend we had the opportunity to go to Essaouira for the MOGA festival, where we did few Yoga demos (aerial and a flowy sequence), in front of ... I don't know maybe 200-300 people ... WAOUUU ! It was absolutely crazy !!!

We could also enjoy the festivities for 3 days. Being honest with you right now, I'm exhausted haha (I guess I'm getting old).... It was such a great experience, very good vibe. I was sooooo happy to meet my friends over there. I used to go to Essaouira a lot with my parents couple of years ago, and it felt so good to be back there.

Colors, people, food, landscapes, I love everything about this place :)

It was probably the best time for me to go there, my mind feels clearer, I kind of know where I want to go, and what I need to do.

Anyways....You know what they say "The Universe will guide you" .... Y'ALLAH Enjoy the vlog

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