Rabat wanderers

(Vlog at the end, music by The Geek x Vrv)

Annnnd the weekend has already come to an end..... It's always too fast ! I really wanted to run away from Casablanca. Honestly, I don't feel safe in here, it's a dirty city, people are constantly harassing us because we look different, so you can easily guess that I was thrilled to go somewhere else.

We took a train to go to the capital Rabat. We actually almost missed it, and ran like two crazy women to catch it right on time !!! It took us 1h20 to reach the city.

We spent such a lovely day: walking around with no plan, observing the architecture, tasting some delicious local pastries, drinking Moroccan mint tea and discovering the curiosity of the souq, the beautiful and quiet blue streets of the Kasba....

It seemed I was in a different space, with no timing, no pressure, just the pure enjoyment of wandering around without any purpose. Total freedom for couple of hours.

I hope you had a great weekend too.

Talk to you very soon <3

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