5 reasons to take your Friends to yoga

Regardless of your assiduity to attend yoga classes, going by yourself is not always the easiest thing to do. Well, today, I might have a solution for you! What about bringing some friends of yours there too? Having a bunch of mates coming with you, can motivate you to go more often. However how to convince them to come along ?

1. To be in the present and share a good moment all together.

Without any disturbing element, focus on this moment that you are sharing all together. No phone, no social media, letting all the drama & questions outside the room, the main goal is to be gathered to fully live this present moment. What happened before and what will happen after don't matter at all. Being yourself for a couple of minutes, and expanding your friendship all over the place !

2. To be able to post a bunch of pictures of all of you in strange postures.

It's not a secret, Yoga pictures are usually very fun and have a pretty big impact on the Internet. By bringing your friends to your class, it's the perfect occasion to pair up and come up with some crazy acroyoga postures ! First of all, you will all laugh for sure, and get some extra memories with those playful photos !

3. Break a sweat all together

Yoga can be a real workout if you decide to attend a dynamic class such as Power yoga, Strala, Ashtanga or even Vinyasa. You will strenghten, stretch, balance, work on your core, your breath and your attention. The intense and complete exercises offered during a yoga class, may convince your friends. Especially, if they struggle to run, or bike or do any other kind of workout.

4. You can Indulge after Yoga

Let's be clear, the best moment is the post-yoga treat!!! No need to feel guilty about eating something for pure enjoyment, especially if some of your friends are here. Remind each other that you totally deserve a piece of delicious chocolate or a fabulous smoothie (or even worse), after your hard work.

5. You will deepen your friendship

One thing I have learnt with the practice of Yoga, it definitely creates memories. You will always remember those wonderful moments sharing so many more things than you usually do in your daily life: sweat, laughs, tears sometimes, awkward poses, looks at each other...etc

Yoga is a deep journey, and it brings so many emotions. Being able to share those emotions with you close friends, will actually teach you a lot about your inner self too.

Sharing Yoga with some friends could actually one of the best decision for all of you. Not that you'll become better persons if you do, but you will explore new dimension of your friendship for sure.

I am so grateful to be able to practice with my closest friends sometimes, because I am becoming aware of the present moment, this memorable instant that we are sharing together. The feelings of just being able to do something different and unusual are so deep, that they bring me to a high state of contentment, and I hope that it could be something you can feel too.

Sending you lots of love

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