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This post might not please everyone, cause I know this is a sensitive topic. I have decided to go for a 3 day Juices cleanse.

I'm not trying to convince anybody to go for a fast, I am just sharing my own experience here.

What does it mean ?

Basically not eating at all for 3 entire days, only drinking between 3 and 4 organic juices, and tons of water.

The main goal of a fast is to drain internal organs such as: the liver, the intestines, the lungs and last but not the least, the skin.

It is a good thing to do a detox for each season change, or at least twice a year.

Why would I do that ?

People who know me, know that food is actually a big passion for me !!! I absolutely love eating, and actually eating non-healthy stuff.... hmm hmm ....

A lot of things have been going on in my life these past few months, and I felt that I was eventually ready for this kind of detox.


Oh I was feeling great,super strong, very confident and even full of energy. I taught my one hour Hatha class, with a lot of passion and strength.

I even decided to go for a Bikram class.... Which actually was the most painful and uncomfortable yoga session I have ever done. Trust me, I knew how to deal with heat, I spent five months in Thailand doing yoga everyday ... This was nothing compared to it. I was feeling stuck, and literally fighting with my mind. I wanted to go out of the room, and run far away from this place. But I managed to pull everything together and push myself deeper.

Honestly, I've never experienced such an intense practice. It was not only a physical release, but an emotional one, like something clicked and went away inside me, to let only good and positive energies come (well I cried for most of the class, but nice tears I would say)

JUICE 1 at 9.30 / Beetroot, carrot, apple and lime : anti-oxydant

JUICE 2 at 13.00 / Cucumber, spinach, kale : detox

JUICE 3 at 17.00 / Carrot, orange, ginger, apple : energy ( I didn't really like this one!)

JUICE 4 at 20.30 / same


I had to wake up super early to teach a private class at the Sofitel, so the day for me was way too long. Still felt quite strong physically, but all I could think of was food. I actually hide all of my stuff in the kitchen upstairs, and closed my drawer not to be tempted. However, you realize how much food is present everywhere:

You watch a movie, the main character eats a sandwich. Your flatmates are going to town, and tell you about their amazing breakfast. Instagram, Facebook, everywhere !!!

My stomach was a bit painful and super noisy, and I really had to resist to go up and get some snacks.

Instead, I think I drunk like 3 bottles of water !! haha

I did another Hot Yoga session, which was not as intense as the previous day, but what a sensation after: great meditation, a need to be alone in my safe bubble.

And I even taught a meditation class in the evening which was very nice, we shared a lot with the people there.

However, those juices were too much for me... could only drink two because I felt sick just by seing them.

JUICE 1 at 12.00 / Beetroot one . It took me like three hours to finish it !!!

JUICE 2 at 19.00 / Cucumber one.


Again, I had to wake up super early to teach, but this time as soon as I came back home, I decided to go back to sleep, and I completely passed out for 2h. I was feeling exhausted.

I didn't really feel the hunger anymore, but it was more the feeling of chewing that I was missing. I didn't think too much about eating on this last day, maybe because I knew it was almost over.

My brain, on the other hand, was quite slow... Could not focus for more than 10 min in a row. It took me ages to write this post haha !!!

JUICE 1 around 10.00 / Beetroot one

JUICE 2 at 14.30 / Cucumber one.

JUICE 3 at 20.00 / Orange, kiwi, ginger.

Conclusion !

WOW ! I'm actually super impressed by myself. I felt I could quit at any moment, but I managed to stay focus, knowing that it would be great for me at the end of the day.

I can see some improvements:

- my sleep is deep and peaceful

- my yoga and meditation practices are much deeper

- my skin is brighter

- my stomach flat and toned.

- my muscles are more flexible (yes yes even for me haha)

So I can definitely tell you, that I will do more of those cleanses.

Just few details to be careful when you break your fast; no sugar, processed food, white wheat (bread, pasta...), coffee, meat and dairies !!! Go slowly, remember that you haven't had anything solid for 3 days. So YES to the veggies, fruits, still a lot of water, herbal teas, a bit of rice or potatoes, everything has to be organic to protect your brand new digestive system :)

Take this time for yourself, quietly and in a good environment ! Once again be your best friend, listen to yourself, you know your limit, be proud of what you are doing <3

Sending you lots of love xx

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