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It has been a while that I wanted to post this kind of content, and I am really happy to eventually publish it. As you know, it's been almost half a year now that I'm travelling around the world, discovering, enjoy and practicing yoga as much as I can.

But how do you find your inner peace when you are constantly packing, unpacking, in between two flights? What to put in your suitcase?

If you are ready to jump into the unknown and are motivated to follow your own journey, then this article is for you.

Be ready for the best decision of your life. You will definitely meet amazing human beings on your way !!!!

How to organize my trips?

Check on the internet for a retreat that suits you. For some people it will only be a weekend, for some ten days, or even a month for the more adventurous!

For yoga and meditation I would definitely recommend India, as is it the heart of yogic culture. Mysore will be one of the best place if you are an Ashtangi.

I personally recommend Thailand because that is the place where I find the most accurate peace. It is like a bubble and you really feel disconnected.

It's all a matter of taste and choice, so take your time to go through different retreats before choosing the special one for you.

A good way to find your retreat: www.BookingYoga.com , it's like a huge directory with all the registered yoga retreats and teacher trainings all around the world. Very convenient if you don't really know where to go and what to do.

I've just become one of their ambassadors.

You can find me on their blog GetLost : right here

What to put in the suitcase?

Always keep in mind that majority of the airlines allow you to only have 23 kg max in check-in baggage... Which is clearly annoying (unless you fly with Emirates, Qatar or Etihad, with 30kg !!)

Yoga clothes

If you are on a low budget (5 to 50 dollars) but still want to get fancy clothes to practice, here are few brands that you can purchase. (click on the brand to access their page)




If you have a bigger budget (50 dollars +) then feel free to become a bit more crazy with funky colors and material, made by more famous brands such as:






FlexiLexi Fitness

Yoga mat

The choice of the mat is really personal, and it depends on your taste and also on your practice. I personally use a Lululemon (click on the link) one which is perfect because it is light to carry around, I really enjoy the texture of it as it is not slippery at all even when you sweat a lot.

I was using a 5mm one when I did my teacher training in Thailand, and I have recently bought a new one made for travelling : HERE , it is very light, and I just take it with me everywhere without even thinking twice.

The other good brand for mats could be Liforme.

I have never tried them, however I have only heard good feedback about it. Great thing about it as well, the bag to carry the mat is included when you buy the mat.

Last but not the least (and of course it is short list that I'm giving you here), Manduka

Their + ? They have such an amazing collection of bags to carry your mat all around the world! Tons of different colors, shapes, textures ...

Small towel

To wipe your face during the class. Especially if you decide to travel in a tropical country for your yoga retreat or your teacher training, you will sweat a lot.

Mosquito spray

My friends and I were literally scratching each part of our bodies on our training in Thailand. I know this is usually quite toxic for the skin, but you don't want to be obsessed by the itch during your meditation when you are supposed to stay still.

Once you are back home, or somewhere else, where to find a peaceful place for self practice?

Even if you are still travelling, in between two planes, in the train, in your hostel etc ... You have to find some time for yourself, to re-create this bubble, your safe space, your comfort zone. Try to dedicate at least 10 minutes per day for you, and be very nice to you during this time.

Create a nice space for yourself, no matter where you are. Smells are playing a huge role in our mood. If you manage to find a nice odor that you like (encens, essential oils, or perfumes) use them. Candles could be a very nice idea as well in order to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Seat down on a chair , or on the floor, with your back straight, your hands gently open on your knees and close your eyes. Relax your face, Relax your shoulder, and place your attention on your breath.

A natural breath, slow and calm. Observe the delicate movements of your abdomen which moves according to the rhythm of your breath.

Place your attention at the entrance of your nostrils, and observe the fluctuations of your breath going in and out. Air is colder on the inhale, and a bit warmer on the exhale, slowly touching your skin.

Of course, many thoughts will appear in your mind. Don't try to analyze them, be the witness, the spectator of those thoughts. They are coming to you, like waves. Let them come, observe them, acknowledge them and let them go.

Here you are, you are experiencing the first steps of meditation ! Be very kind to yourself, no judgement, no pressure. Be really proud of taking this time for yourself. What happened before or what will happen after this moment, doesn't matter, only the present moment counts. You on your mat.

Here are few applications which are guiding you through the meditation process.

"Calm" : Free app on iphone, android etc . It starts you out with a seven-day program. This is a great way for beginners to start meditation. Choose between options for sound and length of time, as well as scenes from nature for you to visually focus on while you meditate.

"Petit Bambou" : French application, for free on iphone, android etc. 10 min of guided meditation. I personally love this one !!!

I know that I wrote a lot of things on this post, but it has been a while that I wanted to talk about those topics.

Now you are ready to pack your bag and GO for the adventure of life

Sending you abundance of love and light xx


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