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OH MY GOD , I'm so sorry , it's been literally ages that I haven't posted on this blog. I actually uploaded few vlogs on the Youtube channel : HERE , about my trip in South Africa at the end of August.

Ok so let me sum up this journey a little bit:

So I went for ten days in Johannesburg for a Yoga and meditation workshop, to assist my friend from Thailand. Was a great experience, and I had the opportunity to met amazing people over there. I will share some of the photos here too, to give you an idea of the environment there.

I stayed until beginning of September there, and came back to Paris, to prepare another suitcase to leave for Morocco, more specifically in Casablanca.

It has been a week now that I'm slowly settling up. Honestly some days are high, and some days are down. However, I'm definitely trying to take this time only for me, and grow as much as I can being alone out of my comfort zone.

I'm teaching yoga and meditation four times a week, and during the rest of the day, I'm working at the office, for the website, which is a huge database for travelers who are looking for yoga retreats or teacher trainings.

It is frankly very strange for me to be behind a desk for so long everyday, but I guess I will get use to it, and it's part of the game !

For this late post (once again i'm so sorry), you will have a new vlog about my first week here in Morocco, and some photos. I am wearing the new collection by Yuj .

You can find the item here, "YOGASM" tee shirt : HERE

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